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1:1 VIP Coaching

A personalized partnership experience to elevate your journey with our VIP Coaching – tailored guidance for a more fulfilling and successful life

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About VIP Coaching

Explore our 1:1 coaching options: 'Success Sprint' for a focused 4-week intensive, and 'Success Flow' for a comprehensive 6-month journey. Both programs include personalized Success Sessions, a tailored Success Plan, and ongoing Voxer support, ensuring your path to personal growth and empowerment is both dynamic and transformative.

What's Included:

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Below, you'll find the comprehensive inclusions of our 1:1 coaching programs, Success Sprint and Success Flow* each meticulously crafted to empower you on your unique journey towards personal growth and success.


Success Session Calls


Custom Success Plan


Voxer Support



A Coach Who Cares


SSA Access*


Community Group*

This is for you if:

This coaching experience is for you if you're ready to take control of your life and make lasting positive changes. Whether you're seeking rapid transformation in a short time frame or a deeper, more sustained journey, 'Success Sprint' and 'Success Flow' are tailored to meet your specific goals. Whether you're navigating personal challenges, pursuing professional success, or looking to strengthen your relationships, these programs provide the guidance, support, and structure you need to achieve your aspirations and thrive in every aspect of life."

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1:1 VIP Coaching

Experience personalized transformation with VIP Coaching, where I provide tailored guidance to help you navigate life's challenges, strengthen your relationships, and achieve your personal and professional goals.


“Working with Se’Fana was provoking, challenging, and worth the financial investment. I honestly wasn’t ready for all the feelings and revelations that I would experience during our work together. The process allowed me to take an honest look at several things in my life and decide if I would continue to be stuck or make the necessary changes. I also appreciated how she started with God as the foundation of our work. Se’Fana was funny, real and supportive. I truly enjoyed the journey and look forward to working with her again in the future."
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