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Live your most successful life.

Welcome to Se'Fana Samples, your new home for ALL things Successfully Single! Discover the empowerment and fulfillment that comes with learning what that means and how to actually walk it out, without having to sacrifice your healthy desire for kingdom companionship. I look forward to helping you navigate your journey to fully discovering who God created you to be and experiencing relational success in your life.




Hey Y’all and welcome to Se'Fana Samples – your gateway to a life filled with empowerment, self-discovery, and living successfully single! I am thrilled that you've taken this step to explore the possibilities that await you. As a dedicated life and relationship coach, my mission is to empower women like you to embrace and celebrate the journey of being successfully single.
I created this space to provide you with strategies and structure for this part of your process including the transformative Successfully Single Academy and personalized VIP Coaching services. So, I invite you to stroll through our website, explore what’s been designed for you, and decide which level of partnership fits best.


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“Do you really want to be married, or simply no longer want to be alone….Let’s work through it, Sis!”


The Services

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The Academy

Unlock the secrets to thriving in singlehood with our Successfully Single Academy – a curated community for you to be educated, equipped, and empowered

1:1 Coaching

A personalized partnership experience to elevate your journey with our VIP Coaching – tailored guidance for a more fulfilling and successful life

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Recent Feature

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Listen in as I share valuable insights on love, relationships, and personal growth during my guest appearance on the Dear Future Wifey podcast!


“Working with Se’Fana was provoking, challenging, and worth the financial investment. I honestly wasn’t ready for all the feelings and revelations that I would experience during our work together. The process allowed me to take an honest look at several things in my life and decide if I would continue to be stuck or make the necessary changes. I also appreciated how she started with God as the foundation of our work. Se’Fana was funny, real and supportive. I truly enjoyed the journey and look forward to working with her again in the future."
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Get the Book

Discover the 7 secrets that were used in my journey of going from tuck to successfully single. I wrote this book for the version of myself that needed it over two decades ago and for those who are like me today. The single believers who find themselves flooded with tons of information on what NOT to do while single but not nearly enough strategy surrounding how to pursue purpose and maximize this beautiful season. Inside you’ll find honesty, answers, and a refreshing relatability.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your life – order your copy today!

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