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Readiness is Real!!...

That right! There is a place, a position...a destination called READY!!


In a suitable state for an activity, action or situation-fully prepared.

Contrary to popular belief, to be prepared for something does not equate to being PERFECT in the area that you've been prepared FOR!

To be prepared means to be:




When it comes to Singles and the topic of whether or not an individual is READY or prepared for marriage ( or whatever the next season of life your are going into) in particular, there are quite a few things that need to be covered...let's talk about some of them.

According to the definition above, to be "ready" or suitable for a given situation, action or activity, then you are fully prepared. Preparation for a thing surrounds the purpose of the thing that you're preparing for. Marriage has a purpose, and to consider yourself ready or prepared for it without understanding it's true purpose is simply foolish. Marriage has 5 main areas that give us some clarity about it's purpose.


*Kingdom Advancement ( community and social impact)

*Leading or Helping (depending on your life roles based on gender)

*Multiplication (of legacy, of partnerships and in commerce)

*Advancement of an Agenda

In Singleness "ready" will be different as to how it looks across several different lives because:

*each purpose is unique

*each story is unique

*each gifting is unique


Ask the Father:

Where have I possibly missed your voice and instructions surrrounding what you're equipping me to do? What is my purpose, my story and my gifting? How are you steering my life to align with it's purpose partners (romantic or otherwise)? The answers to those questions can shift you in ways that you'll be thankful for.

In othe words...Bring It On!!! Father make us ready for what you've created us for.

Pray this with me:

Father in Jesus' name,

Forgive me for times and seasons that I have not been sensitive or obedient to your leading and guiding. Show me and then strengthen me to destroy every distraction that has been sent by the enemy. Close every door God, that has been opened by disobedience, and give me your Kingdom strategies that cultivate obedience to your Word in my life. Soften my heart for the things that break your heart and awaken in me the desire to please you on a new and heightened level. Prepare me...

In Jesus' Name,



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