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Living on empty

We tend to always be in a state of pouring. Pouring a cup of coffee, pouring a glass of orange juice, pouring on the charm to our significant other, pouring on affirmation to our children before their big Social Studies exam on Monday morning to give them one last jolt of confidence. Or pouring a bit too much syrup on the waffle that probably should be a bowl of steel cut oats with flaxseed and a side of berries for added vitamin content ( let's face it…the waffle and syrup just taste better)! Sometimes we are pouring our hearts out to a friend when all of the weight of OUR pouring has taken it's toll…

Yep! We've ALL been there to one degree or the other. Trying to push and pull from the place of the poured out! Too many 'TO DO' lists undone because we haven't sought to be poured into by a God who is FULL and overflowing with the Grace, Love, empowerment, strategy and…dare I say it?...REST that we so desperately need in balance and contrast to the days that we create via our own ambition. On one of those days where I'd forgotten just how empty my own fleshly efforts can be, the quiet whisper of the HolySpirit reminded me that in Mathew 5:6 "Blessed[joyful, nourished by God's goodness]are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness [those who actively seek right standing with God], for they will be[completely]


YEP!! The Father is the very one who loves us and stands ready to fill us as often as we come to Him empty. Typically at the beginning of a new year, there is much bustle about doing more and being more. I'm learning to simply allow Him to "Be" in me. His grace is empowerment that bridges the gaps that threaten to swallow us up whole.

So today, right from where you are….be empty. Pour out your heart, thoughts, fears, failures, anxieties, inadequacies and desires on HIM. Welcome the fresh strength, air, peace, love and REST that resides in God for YOU.

He can never empty of His ability to restore, refill and refuel you.

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