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Future Man

Dear future husband,

Thank you for taking your timing in finding us (my son and I). I was initially extremely angry, anxious and confused about this....until I learned to appreciate the strategy of God behind it.

I'm learning to trust God in a way that I wouldn't have if you'd shown up just a few years earlier to rescue me from what I now know would have instead robbed me of an intimacy that will only prove to benefit us as a family.

I'm learning continuously to submit (and then resubmit) to God in a way that depends on that trust as causes me to rely on being led in a way that I'd only trusted myself to do...regardless to what I was portraying. I believe you're going to appreciate the ability to lead a woman that desires to and has learned to BE led.

I'm learning how to multiply what's given to me as the incubator of life, ideas and vision....I'm excited to function in this way with all that God has placed in YOU to release to me. You can trust me with these...He's teaching me how to help you.

I'm learning how to allow the Spirit of God to sharpen my discernment such that I'm not believing the presentation of the enemy over the promises of God .

I'm learning how to co-parent with God so that I'm not selfish with the son that has so much purpose attached to him...I'm better understanding your role in his life as a result.

Take your time man of God...I'm not in a rush. I'm preparing for the season that you will find us...take your time. It took me a long time to get to THIS place...and to actually mean these words. To honestly be able to say these words with sincerity and NOT as a subconscious effort to manipulate God in some way to "speed up things" the way that I want them to...

Thank you for the space and time to grow, to further heal, learn to love more fully, learn some recipes and position my heart to receive yours...



P. S

I hope you're willing to roll down some grassy hills, get your butt kicked in Madden (Darrius has called you out before even meeting you!), do some go cart racing and trying some Vegan dishes (no worries I will cook meat for you if you hate it...Lol!) #HeyBoo #YepImHer







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