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Trusting God

In the face of all that faces us, it can be so difficult to stay in the presence of God. This is the place that I'm comforted by the reminder of who He really and truly is. With tears behind my eyelids and pressure in my chest, wobbling in my knees...I trust God.I havethe choice to worry, complain and even fret...I choose instead to trust God. Trust: Belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective. One in which confidence is placed. Dependence on something future or contingent. My ability to trust in a difficult season is based SOLELY on the character of God...NOT my current situation. That's the key for me!... looking at and meditating on the things that we see instead of focusing on the one that we CANT see... I know...I know...That's where the struggle lies! Instead of digging into the presence of the One that has the ability to relieve of us of the stresses of balancing bills, children,companions, business, declines, projects and the all dreaded laundry...we sometimes allow ourselves to become distracted by social media and the tons of other things that we let rob us of the progress, peace and purposes of God. Ive heard people like Lara Casey say "say no to the mindless scroll". The scroll of no direction..that typically leads to comparison and in some instances...compromise. Social Media is NOT a bad thing...we can utilize this global tool as a means to propel purpose, to reach the lost, inspire change and to connect with people with no boundaries. Is it possible though, that we use it as a means to escape the very place that WE claim brings us the most peace and fulfillment? What stops us from taking that scroll time and instead intentionally getting into God's face? Is it possible that we actually subconsciously trust those images that we scroll before us and all that we have come to believe that they represent to us? If asked, most of us would scoff at the idea that we trust a social media image, account or content more than we trust God...but if we consider that where we spend our time is what actually develops the lives that we live...we might have to take a more honest, sincere look at that. Where we spend our time, what we choose to think about, meditate on...directly effects what we produce in our lives. So it may be safe to say that because we spend less time purposefully seeking who God is and learning more of what His character is causes us to struggle with trusting Him, His plan and His purpose for our lives. How can I trust someone that I spend a minimal amount of time with...I don't trust who I don't know ( just as a basic life rule right?) Yeah...I know that I'm being kinda redundant but this has really impacted me over the past couple of months, so I wanted to share my revelation with you.When I am sensing a lack of direction, feelings of overwhelm and just downright BLAH...I have a heart check and reassess how much time I've been spending in the presence of God or reminding myself of the parts of God's character that I'm already familiar with...typically at that point I've been really slacking or justifying being "productively busy". Being a fruit inspector starts with inspecting the fruit of our own lives. What are we producing and why are we producing it? Production in our lives is as a direct result of what we plant, what we use to water it and how often we choose to saturate that seed. Here's a few tips: 1. Commit to a set time frame to intentionally get into the presence of God, whether its prayer, devotion and journaling time, worship music and quiet...however the Lord leads you...JUST COMMIT! 2. Seek accountability that edifies your walk and pulls for you to grow consistently in developing your ear to be led by the Holy Spirit.( Our circle of influence is a major part of our growth and development) 3. Take some time to fast from ALL social media to reset your mind and heart on God, this helps with cleaning the filter of your heart and mind and for allowing yourself to clear out all of the clutter and content that sometimes keeps our wheels spinning. 4. Purposefully read the Word of God and other reliable resources that can relay the character of God to you...Knowing who He is ensures our further ability to trust what we've come to know about Him. ( The Names of God by Kay Arthur is an amazing read) If this has blessed you today please take a minute to leave a comment as well as subscribe!!

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