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The point in my life that clearly indicates my disconnection to all things restful…

When you have 'worked' your entire life with no real view of rest, the concept tends to get lost between shifts of punching in and punching out of… cycles of more and more work…you trust work…you trust the press. It's the one constant that you seemingly have a fraction of control over…especially when self employed.

I employ myself, yep I tell me when to work and when to stop…or so I thought. The demand of my service actually has a lot more control than you could have ever convinced me of in the beginning of my career. Unfortunately the perceived freedom associated with it is just that… a perception. Self Employment is one of the hardest things I've ever done. It's more work than I bargained for…I bought into the perception that it wouldn’t be as demanding…I'm exhausted. The initial rest of discovering the passion that drives one to seek a career that doesn’t 'feel' like work is just the beginning…it's exhausting.

Putting in the work to get to the place where your work doesn’t seem as such…exhausting.

Having to do it all praying, pressing, pushing, prepping, pulling….exhausting.

It's exactly here that I am renewed in my revelation of the actual place that I'm SUPPOSED to operate from…the rest of God. It’s a graced place and the real challenge is the transference of my personal trust from the seemingly controlled place of work to the submitted place of Faith in God's sovereign ability and desire to lead, provide, empower and Grace us for the place of purpose that we desire to operate in. It really doesn’t matter whether or not it is a place of ministry service, employment, academic pursuit or even parenting.

What matters most is that we allow for the revelation of Gods rest to really resonate to the point that we submit to it….not the kind of "realization" that tends to happen when we read an interesting or enlightening article that we are inspired by for the moment… And then slowly slump back into fleshly focus and operations.

Nope…really rest. Because the alternative is not only the thought of doing things in our own strength but the reality of, that in doing so we block out the God that has all of the strength, strategies and stamina IN HIM to finish what He's called us to… Join me in resting in the Sovereignty of God today! Wooosaahhh!....

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