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Chuck your pacifier!

What could possibly be better when we are having a hard day than to dive into a small container of extra cold butter pecan Hagen Daz, while sitting in freshly laundered PJ's? Not a whole lot I used to believe. From the time that we are infants we are trained to take in things that add absolutely NO value to our lives, they only quiet us in the moment. In fact in paying close attention…pacifiers that we allow into our lives do way more harm than good!

A belly full of gas, tired jaws from pulling at the air for dear life…only to end up empty and aching. Much like the empty calories and brain freeze from the ice cream that stays on our hips and makes us sad ironically and consequentially for much longer than it actually pacified.

So I've come to the conclusion that when I'm sad or longing or insert any relative emotion that would seek to drive me to a pacifier…meaningless consumption of air…I mean a man…I mean sugar…I mean carbs…I mean frustrated fussing at my son behind some silly issue that wont even matter tomorrow that I have a clear decision to make! I can go through the motions of an action that will leave me worse than when I first began to experience the trigger OR I can actually allow the Spirit of God to walk me through it and fill me with nutrient dense Word and Worship and sometimes a simple " its gonna be alright girl" from a sincere friend that genuinely loves me and understands that we all have times of weakness and the need for reinforcement.

Yep!, I've chucked my pacifiers much like Kevin James in the BEST scene EVER in the movie Hitch. Yeah you know the one where he almost missed the opportunity to share an experience that would change the course of his relationship with the woman of his dreams?! Shortness of breath, fear and a dependence on something else to enable him to breathe properly…he almost missed out. Then…reality set in, fear went out the door as indignation stepped up and gave him strength…Courage.

Chuck the thing, the pacifier that poses as real air! Chuck the thing that stands between you and forward movement because of dependence…Chuck your pacifiers. Breathe. Live. Then strut up to your opportunities and kiss them dead on the lips…Like a boss.

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