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A Mother's Yes...

Walking alongside his destiny path.

I often wonder if other parents experience the things that I find myself dealing with in raising my 11 year old son Darrius. I'm sure we've all had moments where we've questioned whether or not anyone else truly can relate to our encounters as parents, from the doubts, discouragements, fits over homework, half washed dishes and socks under the bed, to the victories at football games, mastered speech competitions, and gentleman like ways where they open your car door or walk on the outside of the sidewalk…I find myself pondering this a lot more than I'd care to admit at any given time. Trying to find the connections between the experiences of my friends and the seemingly disconnected moments of my own, one can understand my temporary preference for a roller coaster at those times…at least they're predictable. The dips and turns are the same each time you strap yourself in…but I digress.

On a seemingly normal night (what does that even mean anymore?) while watching 'The Bible Series' on the love seat in our living room, my son engrossed, head in my lap…it happened.

I saw a mother that I could totally identify with, she was raising a son…he was accepted and being raised by an awesome selfless stepdad….my consistent prayer and petition. She was so passionate while she watched her son walk out what he'd told her was his destiny. She undoubtedly taught him as a boy the promises that were ministered to her regarding him…promises that were met with a YES to carry him from birth to his destiny path. She didn’t even look like the shame that HAD to surround her pregnancy, she walked out her YES daily. When you have a clear vision/revelation of who your son is, it empowers you to receive instructions and impressions from God regarding the process.

Amazingly as I watched this mom watch her son, from the side of the road on that same destiny path, carrying the very instrument that would later serve as the tool to free millions…she couldn’t stop the pain that she witnessed…she'd walked beside him so long, the first woman to do so.

The revelation and relation between her previous acceptance would be tested again and again…and she had to choose her YES daily…meaning the difference between helping or hindering his outcome. Fresh tears rolled down my face onto my sons head ( thankful more than anything for just the reminder) and her tears seemed to hold so much more in earnest to wash his wounds. I understood….she did too, yet she said YES. The same way that so many mothers watch their sons walk through pain…

I understand that even though there is divine destiny, there is natural necessity…a YES that God uses as access into the earth realm. Her son had a HUGE assignment, and so did she…to get him there. She would NEVER be the same as a woman again. As I watched Mary go the distance I was reminded that I was placed on this earth to choose a YES daily to get my prince to his purpose, to replay that Purpose inwardly so as not to lose focus. Its a death to MY flesh to submit to the plan of God for my son that isn't always pleasant or plain…but Powerful nevertheless. I cant complain about what I don’t cultivate…

It’s a spiritual journey with very tangible results/manifestations. My intercession is vital, necessary in order for him to receive his own encounter with the Father. He is clear about the call of God on his life…even at 11 so…

Thank you Mary, because of you I am able to say...Yes!

Thank you Jesus, because of you and YOUR Yes...I am!

I will nurture and navigate…through childhood to Purpose.

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